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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hadas on stage (last tablao)

Photos by Eyal Hirsch

Finish the Clasico Español, start a new siguiryia

OK, I had an audition before class. For a commercial. I still don't know if they're taking me or not. Ilan already heard that I'm about to go was worried a bit about how would I come to the studio. Not the same hours. I finished the audition before I needed to be at the studio and had a little time to enjoy my new connection to internet. I would try to write shortly cause I have no much time before I will go out to another class at the workshop with Adi. 

When I came to the studio I got up. Ilan was at the balcony. I found out the Mijal's dog came after me. I told Ilan a bit about the audition. We sent each other text messages earlier and we went on with jokes about it that we started earlier. At class before us were some girls who are always there and some who aren't always. One of the "new" ones was a former dancer. She was at the company of Mijal and felt she had enough for now - accept the show of David and Bat Sheva (she got back to stage for it as she should with her talent). I changed. Ilan got down. After I finished I got down as well. Ilan was sitting on a bench there and made palmas. I found a place next to him. Mijal's dog came after me. At the start I just petted her. After that I took her on my knees. She loved it. Mijal was smiling when she saw it. I asked Ilan to look The dog made some funny posses). Ilan said it's a love story. Yeah, dogs knows who loves them. He got back to make palmas. When this class was over the dog asked to go away to be with Mijal. We were next to the office, so she went next to us. She said something that we'll start this time a new dance a  siguiryia with castanets. I asked her if we'll be back once more on the Clasico Español. She said we didn't really finish with it. I said that I want to know if I can take a video of it. She said that I do. Find our places. I still had few things to talk with Ilan. The former dancer asked Ilan if his castanets has a microphone. I said that yes. She said it explain some things. I said that has also a camera in there. She asked Ilan if he knows which siguiryia will be accept it will include castanets. No one knows yet. Enough for her to stay. And at least one new girl at the studio.

Our class has started with castanets' drills. One thing I wasn't sure that I do well enough, but Mijal was looking at the same moment at my hands and said it's good. We didn't do all we made till now, we started some new drills instead = some that fit siguiryia more than Clasico Español.

We started the new siguiryia. Seems it's a very new one. We already make it as a group. Two rows. Those who didn't get into a row - Mijal sent to a row. Ilan and me together in the second row. We started to work on the entrada and the first llamada. A bit difficult and confusing. Ilan asked over and over to work on one part. Each time - I heard someone said that she wants it as well. I don't know who. Once we started it again and got to our places... He stands after me and gets in a step after me. I got in after the looking girl who almost got into me although she's first and need to go ahead. I told Ilan that now he see me. Just a little thing after the siguiryia with castanets of last year. I'm not sure that he remembers it. He said with a half smile that it's horrible. He doesn't want to see me. 

Taking off the castanets. All who knows well the Clasico Español will dance it, accept me. I will take a video. I did. I needed to make it in twice cause it didn't happen "clean". I have most in one video, the end I have in another video. Even Ayelet made some mistakes. Ilan gave up in one part. I can't understand why cause it's a part which is close to flamenco and suppose to be easy for him. At the end - it was Mijal who asked him why and told him it suppose to fit him. 

Few minutes for buleria. We learned a new llamada. At one brake - the new one asked me for the hour. End of class. Oh really? Didn't finish yet, still dance all. My friend came and looked from the side. We dance a bit all the buleria after our time.

After class I thanked Mijal for leeting me taking the video and remind her that the other class this week I will miss for a workshop. I went to talk. I told Ilan and my friend about the first class of the workshop. She said that she won't go to workshops of Adi because of level and the physical strength needed for it. Give me brake... From a weird reason I don't believe that this is the reason. Ilan went to practice. My friend made a try to convince me to go back to Neta's studio. No, I really don't want. She said that the level at Mijal is too difficult for her and she have on mind to take something with a lower level. Next class took a little more time to start. Mijal was waiting for Ilan. He started this moment to ask the former dancer about some steps. 

I went to change again. I went this time with less disturbing. At least Ilan and my friend saw me go out. Ilan signed me, my friend was smiling 

This November - La Truco at Italy

This Thursday - flamenco party in Tel Aviv

Sin muros - one more week at Bilbao

FLAMENCURAS. Foto con móvil

FLAMENCURAS. Foto con móvil.
@Diego Gallardo López.

Tonight with Luisa Palicio

This Friday at Seville

Saturday at Seville

Two more weeks with Farru and Mara Rey


Monday, September 29, 2014

Obra de Katrina Pallon

Classes. classes and some more classes

Well, I missed one class at the workshop with Adi. I went to the studio of Mijal. Some new things. We started a new siguiryia with castanets. I guess that I will write all tomorrow. My internet is back, so I can do it any time without any disturb. And today was a long difficult day. So - I can;t think normally. Anyway, the new stuff and the workshop makes me want to come back writing about those things, so I hope that tomorrow I will have all energy and memory

Carmen Amaya disponiéndose a cantar

Carmen Amaya disponiéndose a cantar, acompañándose con la guitarra.
4 de Agosto de 1935

Thanks to Los Palos del Flamenco (Facebook) for this

This October - Marcos Jiménez at Lima, Peru

CURSILLO DE FLAMENCO con el bailar sevillano
Marcos Jiménez
Del 23 al 26 de Octubre 2014

Seguiriya con Bastón.
Tangos de Triana con Mantón.

23-24 Oct./2014
19:00 a 20:30 hs.
25-26 Oct./2014
10:00 a 11:30 hs.
11:30 a 13:00 hs.

C / San Antonio Nº 275 (Barranco) – T.E: 247.7341 / 99.573.4500 / 99.411*1505

This October - La Moneta at Granada

Taller "Técnica y coreografía por diferentes estilos".
Del 6 al 10 de Octubre de 2014, de 12.00 a 13.30h
Precio: 100€

Info y Reservas:
Contradanza Granada
Gran Vía 36, Entresuelo Dcha. Granada 18010
Tel: +34 679 090 979

This Saturday with La India

Two more weeks with Antonio el Pipa

Less than 3 weeks - Antonio Hidalgo

A photo by Toni Blanco

Angel Muñoz

Farruquito and Vicente Amigo

Flamenco Dancer de James Henninger

Tangos workshop with Adi, day one

The new year has started, the holiday was over, the firm which meant to help me to get my internet connection still cause some troublies, I made many phone calls, a bit before going out - last time for today. The guy told me it's my problem that I don't have a connection becasue of them. Son of a b@#$! I was yelling a lot. Didn't help - still need to be at my parents' house for internet. Like now.
I came in the last moment because of last phone call. Kisses with Adi. I told her it's her job now to make me relax. Idit was there. I told her why did come this way. She told me she had the same problem with the same firm. She offered me to imagine the service people of this firm under my shoes when we'll do the zapateado in class. I'm about to do so....

Getting into the studio. Accept Idit - two dancers who I know came and started to practice. One more woman who looked familiar and I couldn't remember from where (accept being from the flamenco) came. She came to me and asked me if I'm from the studio of Mijal. Yeah... Did I come to the workshop of.... I finished and askedc if she mean to Miguel. She did. And I looked to her like a part of the studio. Oh dear... I enjoyed hearing it!said  at this place.  One more girl who I remember that I know only through workshops of  Adi at this place. Three more girls that I saw for the first time. The class itself has started a bit late because of a problem with the music system. It has been fixed.

Stratchings. I made it better than some others, but it was possible to see who are the professional dancers there. They made it better.

Adi told the new ones for her what about to happen with warming. We made it. One step didn't go well for me. It's a difficult one and I didn't do it for too long. Adi noticed that I'm having a problem and still try to do this step, but she just smiled. Anyway - 5 minutes into warming and I started to feel like a puddle. All sweat. Astranger got in for asking to low down the music. 35 minutes and a bit time to drink.

Adi said that she wants to tell us how does she see tangos, as she do with each palo that she teach. She see it as a palo for strong women. She won't say "passion" cause she doesn't want to make it cheap. Two girls told hers that passion isn't cheap. Well, she still doesn't want to see it this way. The real way of movement for tangos in her eyes comes from the womb. She asked us to stand and move in a way that comes from the womb. She showed us how. And a bit moving of the shoulders and hands. It wasn't easy and not all really made it. Although it wasn't easy - something about this movement felt like it releases my body and mind. 

We started with the tangos. The most rough tangos ever. Not only that Adi made it difficult for body as always - all movement was "shouting" power. Idit stopped twice for questions which could sound weird, but it wasn't. Getting into it.... Once - Adi made some steps before she was teaching it. After that she asked if we want to go on. One of the girls asked if she means by that to tell us how to do what she did. She meant it. And some more. One of the girls that I never saw before didn't leave me and got stuck to me too much. The two others gave up and sat down to look.

We learned a lot. Near the end when we were dancing without music - the stranger came to look again. She looked unpleased. At least this time she went away without to say a word.

The class went on after time. Idit and the girl who knew me went away before Adi finished with us. The girl who knew me said that she's hurry to catch the train. When all of us finished - a talk about studios and so. the girls who gave up said it too much for their level. They can't do it. 

I came back home happy but tired. Took my do for a walk and went to my parents for internet.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Obra de Ray Coia

Young Camaron and Tomatito

This workshop starts tomorrow (and I'll be there)

Still go on

One more week at Seville

La Gran Bailaora nos presenta Rocío Molina

La Gran Bailaora nos presenta Rocío Molina BOSQUE ARDORA en la Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.
Lunes, 29 de Septiembre de 2014 20:30
Comprar Entradas:
Rocío MolinaSeminarios de Flamenco durante la BienalFestival Bienal FlamencoLa Bienal de Flamenco. Sevilla,

Antonio Najarro

Os dejamos algunos fotogramas del documental "Antonio Najarro y la Danza Española" dirigido por Jean Marie David para el canal de Televisión Francesa FRANCE 3
Others left some stills from the documentary ' Antonio najarro and dance Spanish " directed by Jean Marie David for the tv channel French France 3.

A painting by Alexandre Lunois

This November with Saray de Los Reyes (and few more)


Vrijdag 14 november van 20.00 - 22.00u
Zaterdag 15 november van 15.00 - 17.00u

Zaterdag 15 november om 21h00
Zondag 16 november om 15h00

Voor de workshop: 75 € (of 40€ voor 1 dag)
Combiticket voorstelling + workshop: 85 €
Info workshops
-> Wie graag een tafeltje wenst om lekkere tapas te komen eten, reserveer tijdig, plaatsen beperkt!


Flamencocentrum Peña Al Andalus
Vorstermanstraat, 1 - 2000 Antwerpen België
Telf. + 32 / 03 - 248.64.45 ('s avonds)
+ 32 / 03 - 830.31.99. (overdag)

Friday, September 26, 2014

El próximo espectáculo del I Festival Flamenco Alternativo

El próximo espectáculo del I Festival Flamenco Alternativo será el nuevo espectáculo de Luisa Palicio "Sevilla", el martes 30 de septiembre en la Sala Cero Teatro. 
No os lo perdáis! Compra tus entradas anticipadas en

November 2014 with Diego El Cigala

A flamenco singer of the highest order, and Three-time Grammy Winner El Cigala has often been touted as "The Sinatra of Flamenco.” His various collaborations with world-renowned Latin American artists have earned him a reputation for seamlessly melding the rhythms and melodies of his Spanish Gitano heritage with styles ranging from bolero to son, tango, and Afro-Caribbean jazz.

Prime seats are located in first 7 rows of center orchestra
Please note Tickets are LIMITED
Reception 5:15 to 7:15 pm at Barcelona Restaurant & Bar 222 Summer St. Stamford (Behind the Palace)
7:30 pm Concert at Palace Theater with no Intermission
Concert tickets only:

Gala flamenca - closer

Saturday, next week with La India

Less than 3 weeks at Huston, Texas

Starts this Monday at Tijuana, Mexico

Obra de Gudrun Sibbons