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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year - in a moment

I want to thnk the readers for getting in so far. Although I still don't have official fllowers yet - it's possible to see that people really get in, and quite a lot. Thank you for watching and readding it. I wish you all a Happy New Year - have all the best in 2012 (includes a lot of flamenco). So far - a photo I took a long time ago of some of my flamenco things...

And some more various

And here are few more various photos of flamenco

A bit more

One more photo of Los Farrucos. In the front - Farruquito with a guitar, near him El Carpeta. Behind - their mother, La Farruca


One photo of the great Farruco


Few Various photos of flamenco

Happy New Year!


Here is an old photo of Los Farrucos. Farruquito and Farru (who dance pro on stages since they were kids) with their grandfather - Farruco

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Once again a getting back

Let's get back to Farruquito. One more oldoe photo of him

Couple more of Belén

Here are couple more photos of Belén Maya which has been taken by Etty Trister Orgad. I saw Belén dance in this...

The upcoming internet shop

In the last night class Neta told that her assistant is about to make a new site of a flamenco shop. She said she offered to make some clothes too. She doesn't feel like to make a fight to Raquelita who seel most of special flamenco clothes in Israel, but why not? She have some ideas. Sonia La Loca will sew the clothes. Raquelita doesn't sew herself and in the start Sonia made to her the clothes. Still Sonia doesn't want her name on it. Neta looked for a Spanish name for Sonia (and she didn't think of Sonia La Loca). It didn't fit It will have a name, still isn't clear which. Neta said that it will include some pants with volants. I asked her if in the wnd of the year we'll dance the farruca in pants. She said "of course". I guess it will be hand made pants by Sonia. The red head asked me if we performe in the end of the year. I told her we do and tried to explaine about august (when we alawyas have end of the year parties in the studio. I can know through being all those years in the same studio - the one of Neta). THe red head thought we'll do it in the practicing studio itself.... When this internet shop will be "on air" - I will upload a link in this blog

And a bit more Rocio

Few more photos of Rocío Molina

Coming back to bata

So, one class of bata after too long. I saw again the the end of class of begginers. I guess I should be gentle with them... From my class - I was the only one who worked on wearing the bata. The red head got really shock because she saw me coming to change without wearing any shoes. She almost thought I came beared feet... The fat woman started to talk with me like we're old friends. Whatever. At least her husband didn't look at us all class, a second class in a row. Between classes - the red head asked Neta about Belén. She noticed something that I didn't - Belén erformed sick when she was here. Neta said it's true, and like this isn't enough - she was in a jatleg after she came right after a tour in Latin America, and her body also started to hurt moments before the show of Neta. Because of the pains - her part in the show of Neta was a bit shorter than it was meant to be. She's deffently amazing, perfome sick and still do a great job. I asked Neta about the class that has been canceld a day before. She said that all the other girls said they are sick and won't come. Do I really think I'll get a class for myself? Eh... Yeah... We started a warming of hands, so I changed the bata for a comftable pants. The music that we had...First song - I didn't know, but other one has started to move her lips for "sinning" it. She said sh'e crazy for it. Then we had a song of Marina Heredia, a song that we have started with in the scary class. When we're over with it we all got into our batas. My friend came in this part (typical...). Neta showed us some new steps for a warming which can easally be a part of a dance. Few things which are very difficult, but very beautiful. She said it's some steps that she just learned from Belén Only the red head was in the course this time, but she was without the bata. And we started to dance. It was very hard because of the studio is small and the batas are THAT big. So, we made it in two groups. At least one girl who I don't like cause she thinks herself wasn;t there. It's probably too hard for her. I was the first voluntirre for the first group. I choosed a place, and... The red head and the fat woman joined. Too close. In the end - all looked only on the red head that has been told that she was great. What a "joy"... And then Neta asked if the other girls noticed that even that we were less girls and had some more space - we still danced very close one to another. I didn't, I took my space and still recived two other on my bata! The husband of the fat woman still couldn't hold. When the class ended - he came to look. At least it was a short thing and I didn't have to go out from the studio for changing again

Few more of Rocio

Few more photos of Rocio Molina which has been taken by Luca Fiaccavento