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Monday, July 23, 2018

Adrian Santana comes to Haifa, Israel

אדריאן סנטנה! רקדן פלמנקו זוכה פרסים שרקד עם טובי הרקדנים, יגיע לחיפה ב21.8.18 . נקיים שתי כיתות אומן במתנ"ס רמות סיפר:
18:00- 19:30 רמת בינוני- מתקדם. 
19:30- 21:00 רמת בסיס מתחילים. 
מחיר 140 ש"ח בהרשמה מוקדמת עד 14.8.18 . 160 ש"ח לאחר מכן. 
להרשמה ותשלום להתקשר לרחלי : 0528979193
מוזמנים ללמוד ולקבל השראה! :) 
Adrian Santana was born in Malaga and comes from a family of artists. His uncle Pepito Vargas, a well-known flamenco dancer, taught him all his knowledge about the art of flamenco. And he continued to study at Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Málaga. At the age of seventeen, he was cast in a solo role for the show by the choreographer Carmen Mota for five years. Then he has worked for Jose Porcel’s flamenco company in London, the company of Camborio and Lucia del Real at the Rome Opera “La Traviata”, the production of Paco Mora in the Bienal de Flamenco de Malaga, the company of Aida Gomez, the show “Flamenco Hoy” by Carlos Saura sharing the stage with artists like Concha Jareno, Pastora Galvan and Rocio Molina.

He also has worked at Flamenco Festival USA, “Dressed to Dance” presented the Guggenheim Museum in New York led by Margaret Jova and choreographed by Carlos Chamorro sharing the stage with artists like María Pagés, Manuel Linan and Rocío Molina among others. In 2010 he received 2nd Prize XIX Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid with his piece “Siempre me pasa lo mismo", it will debut later in the Sala Pradillo in Madrid with great success. He has formed part of the best country dance companies highlighting Aída Gómez, Carlos Saura, Manuel Liñán/Daniel Doña, Margaret Jova productions, Carlos Chamorro and Rocío Molina, sharing the stage with artists such as María Pagés, Lola Greco, Javier Latorre, Belén Maya, Pastora Galván, Nani Paños, Concha Jareño and Rafael Estévez on stages and festivals such as Festival de Jerez, Seville biennial and the Acropolis in Greece, Flamenco Festival London/New York, among many others. He has been directed by prestigious artists such as Antonio Canales and master Granero in different productions and has been cartel in the tablaos Casa Patas, Villa Rosa and El Corral de la Moreria, El Arenal. In addition to his experience as a dancer, 
he teaches courses in different cities and conservatories in Spain and also around the world.

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