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Saturday, March 17, 2018

After watching "El Encuentro" of David Coria

Días de Flamenco 2018. The main show is "El Encuentro" of David Coria. I admit that David Coria is new to me. It was a bit confusing for me. How didn't I know him before? I was guessing that he's good cause normally at this festival there are good/great artists. And at this show he has many other talented people with him, some I knew before, some I respect. He get a back up with four other dancers, at least this time with Adela Campallo that I do like. Other daners: Florencia O´ryan (who's been here recently alone), Lorena Franco and Rafael Ramirez. Singers: El Londro and Jesus Corbacho. About both of them I heard before, about Jesus - I loved before the way he sings and I think that now I love even more. Guitars: Jose Luis Medina and David Vargas. Percussions: Rafael Heredia. So, as I said - normally great artists at this festival. I'm glad to say that it was a pleasure to know a new artist that I didn't know before with a backup of others that some I already like and love. I'm glad to say that the show itself is theatrical and with some humor as I love to see in flamenco. The only thing that made it less than perfect was the feeling it's really long show. An hour and half with a lot of stuff to show to the end the talent that runs on stage.

So, although were some musicians on stage - the show have started with recorded music. The curtain opened on an empty and very open stage. All dancers and musicians next to the wall that in front of the audience. A mic stands on stage near the audience. Classic music on. David Coria came to the mic like has something to say. The others back him up to talk, a moment after most try to take the mic till Jesus Corbacho takes it off stage. The show goes on with a dance with still recorded music. Few minutes of a dance which is a mix between flamenco and a modern style. After few minutes David Coria stayed with live music. Most of time he didn't go down from stage while the other dancers got down and back to stage.

One dance with a scarf for the bride. David Coria and his dancers danced with it with an a capella, most of time of Jesus Corbacho, but El Londro joined to sing near the end. Not much after that a solo of Adela Camapallo who was the only dancer who didn't take a part in "the bride". David Coria went out of stage. I won't say all, but there was a big part with oranges. After a minute or two - the 3 dancers ate oranges on stage while looking Adela dance solea. At the end of the dance - David Coria got back to stage and said in Hebrew "I want to eat an orange". It pulled some laughs and hands claps. This is only one example to the humor at the show.

An hour and a half of madness and talent. Two parts of dancing with a capella. One scarf. Many oranges. Many other dances, but my head is full to tell about all dances.

All on stage and El Londro brought back the mic to the stage. Once again a recorded music. This time Billie Holiday. David Coria check out the mic to talk. No talking, end of show. And no matter how much did the show felt compressed - it gave a wish for some more

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