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Friday, December 1, 2017

After the lecture

This is one of the moments that is hard for me to write. It took me a little while till I started. The reasons are because I rather write about things that I really enjoyed from, the fact that I understand that the meaning behind the lecture was good and the woman who gave the lecture have a lot of knowledge about flamenco. And not all was good, some of the things really disturbed me. 

I went to a lecture given by Mazal Tzafri about some great flamenco artists. It was a long lecture and still not enough time for all the greatest. She all the time study about flamenco and works at Adi Foundation, a foundation that exists over that 20 years at Israel and do a big flamenco festival every year. Therefor it's a woman who lives flamenco although she isn't a professional flamenco artists. The fact that I'm a blogger didn't give me a free entrance, I paid for it as everyone else. I even paid her a month ahead when she was still worried if enough people will come to listen and see.

So, I came on time and I was happy to see many people although it wasn't my lecture. It means for me that flamenco still have it's place of honor at Israel and people wants to know about it accept doing. I came to know more, to meet people and tell about it. The part of meeting people I had. I do know personally some of the people who came. It was including my dear friend Ilan who was worried if I will come or not, my amazing teacher Mijal who is a friend of Mazal and few people who I know through the studio and workshops. There were few girls who I knew long time ago at the first studio that I went to and they looked at me in a way that seemed to me that they are trying to remember from were do they know me. 

The lecture. I was happy to know that my seat is in the seconds row. The problem - at the edge. At the wrong edge. There was a poster for the lecture on stage at my side. And it's a lecture of over than two hours(!!!) with videos. The poster disturb me to see the screen normally, at the first video mostly when it was all over the screen. Me and another girl from the studio of Mijal got those places when we had nowhere better to move to. Mijal, Ilan and another girl from the studio received some places together at the middle of the row. 

At the lecture itself was a big part of thanking to people who helped, friends who came, people who came - mostly those who were buying a ticket a month ahead (no reminding and got a bad place), and even was a commercial to the store where came out the clothes and jewelry of Mazal that evening. By the way I found out that Ilan helped with the videos. He didn't tell me although he's my friend. He's also a friend of hers (there is no problem that he has some other friends as well) and as far as he also work with computer accept being a professional flamenco dancer... 

About knowing better - yes and no. It was a lecture that was full at information about Paco de Lucía, Camarón De La Isla, Enrique Morente, Carmen Amaya, Mario Maya, Antonio Gades, Cristina Hoyos and some more. Some of the things were old news to me and just received a reminder, some of the information was really new to me. And a lot of information at one evening. It's hard to remember all of it, at least some of it did get into the head. Too many stops for thanking. I guess she had to thank some people, but too much of it. And it wasn't only for the people who helped. And few times she got into it some personal information. By her stories - some of the flamenco artists that she was talking about at her lecture she knew personally or at least met once at her life. She just had to tell about the times that met Paco de Lucía, Mario Maya, Antonio Gades and Cristina Hoyos. After some information - some videos. Many rare videos. Some I knew before, mostly at the part about Carmen Amaya. Many of the videos I saw for the first time which was the most bothering that I had the poster on stage disturbed my seeing. 

After the lecture I didn't stay long. At the start I went a bit with a woman who I know through some workshops we had together. She was at the other side of the row, so it was easy for her to see the videos on the screen. The thing that disturbed her the most that Mazal published too much at old fashion ways that she's about to give a lecture. 

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