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Friday, June 30, 2017

Couldn't help it

Even that I don't suppose to show photos that I took for the magazine
before it has been published by the magazine in official...
Anyway I see it as my final job for Raash Magazine. 

The trio of Noa Drezner.
Noa Drezner - guitar
Shuky Shveiky - sing
Hagai Leshem - percussions
Yael Tuchfeld - dance and palmas
Yishai Ben Yaacov - some kind of surprise. Played
on a flute in few parts

I took those photos for Raash Magazine.
Couldn't help it and decided to publish those two photos
from the show before knowing if it will be publish officially
by the magazine. One photo - Yael dance, the other one 
from fin la fiesta

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