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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Úrsula López at Días de Flamenco

I guess I should have written about it much earlier. Because it's my blog and I don't have a dead line.... So you must forgive me. Looks like everything happens to me lately. My sleeping is getting worse, my dog was sick, I'm taking too many projects at the same time. And now - my dog is much better he's healthy now. One project is about to finish soon. My sleeping will probably will go on to get worse (if it's possible to make it worse than it is now). 

My writing this time is about Úrsula López. She was the main thing at the Días de Flamenco festivla 2017. Like it usually happen - it happened at the middle of March. As always - at Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv. Forgive me that I don't write about all the moments at the show. I have the program of the festival, but not of the show itself. And time and mess I had since.... And this time I went only the main show. As I think that I already wrote here - I don't ask for money to publish here the shows and workshops and don't receive any free entrance for it. The closest were taking photos of flamenco. Some were at "free" shows that took a part at restaurants that a part of watching the show - you must invite a lot of food. 

And the main thing: Úrsula López at Días de Flamenco. She was the dancer that came this year from Spain to give the main show and be one of the judges of the contest. She came with the show "Pintory Flamenco". She wasn't the only dancer on stage. Also were dancing Tamara López (her sister) and Leonor Leal. The guitar players: Alfredo Lagos and Antonio Duro. The singers were Gema Jimenez and Elena Morales. From time to time was on stage also Juan M Jimenez to play on a  saxophone. The Israeli part on stage were the palmeras - Adi Akiva and Adva Yermiyahu.

This time it was an experience which was a little weird to me, although the show itself was very unique, with humor and a very high level of talent of all people on stage. The weirdness has started with the fact that many of flamenco artists at Israel loves Úrsula López and she's very popular teacher for Israelis who goes to learn flamenco at Spain. Still - hardly met anyone that I know at the audience. Most of people at the audience are not from the Israeli flamenco community. Many people came to see it, but the hall wasn't full. It didn't take too long till I was sure that the people who were sitting next to me have no idea at flamenco. It took a long time till the audience has stopped clapping hands politely and really to react the show. Until it happened - a man next to me has tried to show some manners and clap hands at a moment which was good, but not a peak. And were many peaks at this show. 

The show itself starts with all flamenco musicians and the palmeras on stage. A spotlight on them. After a while of music - another spotlight. Úrsula López was sitting on a chair with her back to the audience. The way it looked from the audience - it made me wonder if she's dressed up or not. /she was rapped in a manton, but accept that.... After a while of sitting this way - she started to dance. At the start - only by sitting and moving her manton. It continued with her standing and dancing a pure flamenco dance. Can't remember the palo, but one of the sad ones. And yes, she had a dress under the manton. A dress with one bare shoulder.

After that were solos of Tamara López and Leonor Leal. They all had few dances together and few solos. The flamenco musicians were most of time on stage, but from time to time they went out of stage. From time to time came also Juan M Jimenez to play. When he was playing - it didn't sound flamenco or jazz. It had a sound of voice art that sometimes you can find at galleries with exhibitions of modern art. Most of solos had a part that the dancers stopped at different parts on stage and were talking. Were a moment that Leonor Leal was starting her dance by not really sitting, but being very down on stage next to a spotlight and was talking. It made a pagan feeling to the whole dance. And no, there was nothing bad about it. It felt like a magic goes on stage. Near the end - all musicians on stage. The three dancers had a dance which all felt like a pagan dance. A big part of it as that were dancing at a circle like they were dancing to each other. Three witches that was very easy to surrender to their magic. And at this time as well - nothing bad in it. I think it was one of the strongest moments at this show. It started with talking - Leonor Leal was taking off her shoes after a "fight" with Úrsula López. Leonor was dancing with bared feet while Úrsula López and Tamara López stayed with their flamenco shoes till the end. It was leading to fin la fiesta. At this part - all were sinning - including all the musicians, the palmeras and the dancers. 

Most of audience stayed very "polite" at the hands claps at the end. One person was standing by clapping his hands. Was he really the only one at the audience accept me who understood how amazing it was? Probably. When I went out - three people who where there were talking next to me. A woman and two guys. The woman said that it wasn't really good. No, the main dancer isn't really good.... No, this woman isn't good. She came to a flamenco show and can't even know what's the name of the main dancer but she have a review??? So the main dancer was Úrsula López. She said that the solo of the dancer with the cutted hair was good. It moved her. One of the guys asked her what was good in it. She doesn't know, it just moved her. She can't be real... She can say if it's good or not, she can't tell what moved her and she doesn't know that the dancer have a name (and we moved to talk about Leonor Leal) but she talks like she understood something. I think that she didn't understand a thing and she doesn't want anyone else will know it. I know  

At the evening later was the final part of the contest of Adi Foundation. Úrsula López was one of the judges - accept the foundation people who do it every year. Vlada Vest was winning at the first place. She was till recently at Compas Company. As far as I know her and knew against she have this contest - it wasn't a surprise to me. People who came to see it told me that she left some dust at the eyes of her rivals. Did anyone was surprised?

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