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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I hate to ask for it

You probably understood in case you have flamenco for your own fun. Some who do it professional know it. I never ask for money for publishing flamenco at this blog. I do try to promote flamenco through this blog. It doesn't really matter if I upload some photos of flamenco artists that me or others (mostly others) take, or that I write about a show that I saw or a workshop that I went to, or just to publish about upcoming shows and workshops around the world - no matter if I can be there or not. I never take money from the flamenco artists for publishing them at this blog. The main reasons are to keep this blog "clean" from benefits. I rather to promote and publish flamenco artists who are new and I see as interesting and with future from one hand, and from the other hand - to publish veteran flamenco artists that I love and respect. 

Well, my way doesn't give me a free entrance to anywhere. From time to time I do get a free entrance to shows which are free to everyone, most of them are staging at restaurants and pubs that the managers invites the shows for the audience will invite something to eat and drink for at least.... From time to time I receive a discount for shows because it's me, but not a real free entrance. 

The part that I hate doing - is asking you if you don't mind to help me with some money. If you don't mind, even with a little payment - I could get into some more shows and workshops. As long as I get to some more shows and more workshops - I will have some more to tell here. In case your help and my photography work will be enough - I hope to get to Seville, Spain and tell from there and show some flamenco photography I will take there. 

In case you accept to help (even with a bit) for making this blog a little bigger and easier for me to do so - you can do it with PayPal. I'm against  sects, so nothing will happen if you won't do it. I don't have a will to scare you. This blog will go on with or without help, but with help it will be easier for me to grow this blog with some more stories.

This is the link you can use for it:

And this is a photo that I took of my amazing
teacher Mijal Natan during a show of hers with her company

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