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Saturday, September 12, 2015

In case you were wondering

At last few days I was updating less than my usual. I hope it wasn't too bad... I missed it and it looked to me that I do my job well. But there was a reason for it. I found out recently about photography workshops that includes dancing photography. So, I'm also a photographer. It's a long story why didn't I took some decent photos at flamenco shows that I went to until now.

This week I went to Suzanne Dellal to take a part at this workshop. This time I've been at the audience. All the audience made made from few photographers. We received a talk with two dancers about upcoming shows. Both before premier. They were talking about the dance photography that I like. It wasn't flamenco, this workshop went on modern style (which I love as well, but know a little less and never learned dancing. Maybe I should learn as well and know better). The dancer were Daphna Noy who still work on a new solo show of hers. She almost finish the work on it and the premier will be soon at Jerusalem. The second was Naama Tamir from the dance company of Idan Cohen. They about to perform with an opera. An opera group (can't remember which) was looking for a dance part for a new production. Idan Cohen's company has been chosen for it. The premier will be at 2016 at the USA. 

After the conversation - Daphna Noy danced for us 15 minutes from her upcoming show. 
Idan Cohen's company showed a part which is closer for an hour from the upcoming opera production. Not all of my photos went well, but some amazed even me that I took those photos. And I had many of them. Few days I was busy looking at the photos, choosing the good ones, uploading to Facebook and to another blog which I opened after this one. A blog which isn't only flamenco, a blog of my photography. 

I finished my task. Now I cab think of some other things as well. I hope that soon I will be back for full work. 

And from the workshop:

Daphna Noy

Idan Cohen's dance company

For some more photography:

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