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Sunday, June 7, 2015

After watching the premiere of Pasión

The new show of Ilan Miller and Einat Schacham. 
The musicians are Shuky Shveiky (sinning)
Andrey Ilin and Ofir Atar (guitars)
Maayan Doari (cajon)

Well, about the show itself I will try to use the word "amazing" as less than I can. I use it too much, but in this case it will be a challenge to forget about it. As usual - I will write also around it. 

When I came to the place just went out a woman that I know through Neta's studio. When I started to know her I was thinking we have no connection accept learning at this studio. A bit before I was leaving this studio I started to talk a bit more with her and started to like her. She was surprised to see me. She said that at least for this show I was coming, unless that it's impossible to see me. I won't miss this show. No way. But accept that it's possible to see me, just not at the studio that we started to know each other. I could say the same thing about her. Inside before taking my ticket - saying hello to a friend. I know him through the fact he's a friend of Ilan and now I kinda see him as a friend of mine as well. He came for a sangria stand. After taking my ticket - a glass of sangria. Moved on for the door of the hall to say hello for a woman that I know from Mijal's studio and I didn't see for a long time. On the way - 3 more that I know through Neta's studio. Two of them just looked at me and looked wondering if they should say hello or not. The third one didn't even look. I wasn't surprised and I didn't try to take her attention. And she used to be a friend.... 

At the hall weren't signed seats. Pretty stressing. I did find a place at the first row as I planned, but on the side. Next to a weird woman who made a try to make a conversion with me as a start. She had a program and couldn't understand it. I still didn't. Well, less traffic at the entrance. As far as the weirdo try to be my friend - I asked her to watch my bag for a moment. I ran to the entrance and took a program. A moment after I let myself to come to the entrance between stage and dressing room. Just to say hello and good luck. When I got back to my seat - the weirdo had her program at her bag, mine on my knees till end of the show. 

The show has started. The musicians on stage dressed in black. At this part Andrey was only the palmero. The others were playing Malagueña/Rondeña. First part which is difficult to avoid the word amazing...  Looked like I wasn't the only one at the audience who loved it. 

Next part was a solea. Andrey was still the palmero. Einat came up to stage with a bata de cola. This stage is problematic for a bata, but Einat controlled this situation well. There were few moments that looked a bit stressing, but it turned out without any accident. She was beautiful. She received many hands claps from the audience with a good reason. Not much after she started to dance - someone at the up floor started with jaleo. Strong jaleo at the right places. Some of the audience started to look up to understand from where does it come. Mostly the weirdo next to me. 

Next part - Ofir went out. Andrey finally held his guitar. At this part Maayan and Shuky were palmeros (or was I dreaming they were?). Ilan came to dance a farruca. Isn't the first time that I see him dance it, but it amaze me every time from new how much that I love seeing him dance it. Too bad that he doesn't amaze from himself this way. He received also hands claps. The jaleo moved on from the same woman. Still some of the audience didn't get it. Oh dear... Just because of audience like this and this respond - I don't dare to do some jaleo myself. Doesn't matter that I think they earned it. 

At the next part all musicians on stage and all were playing. Einat joined the stage in a different dress. Ilan took off a vest he was wearing. At the start Only Einat was dancing, really dancing. Not much after it became a duet of sorongo. Even though all the flamenco I see - so far I saw a diet in this level only at shows from Spain. The talent they both have and the chemistry they have couldn't make it less than that. The jaleo moved on and some of the audience still couldn't understand it. Still all audience understood it worth the hands claps. 

Next part was a buleria of the musicians. A great song. Once again - not the first time that I hear Shuky sing it, but it is always lovely to hear him sing it. 

Next part was Einat who was dancing a guajira. Few parts - for a start it was with a manton. After that with a fan. Moved on to a fan with lots of fabric which runs in the air. At those three accessories she showed a lot of control. After that - crazy legs' part which looked great. It finished with the manton. The audience still didn't understand the jaleo, but ..... The same part of audience made it as palmeros. At some parts many of the audience just clapped hands like in the end of a show. For god sake... At least it didn't confuse the people on stage.

Next part Ilan who was dancing a solea por buleria. As he told me before - I didn't see it before. He just forgot to mention that it looks great. Once again - some of the audience couldn't handle the jaleo, but went on with hands' claps which doesn't fit with the beat of music. I'm glad to tell it still didn't confuse the people on stage. The weirdo next to me freaked out more than the usual from the jaleo and totally went out of tune with her hands' claps. At least she noticed that I look at her and don't understand. She stopped with it. Just to enjoy now from what I see and hear. 

Next part - once again musicians only. Tientos/tangos. One more part to enjoy.

And for the end - Einat and Ilan came back for a buleria. Some parts only one danced, but most were both were dancing or "just" music. Pure joy. 

The musicians left on stage for bow downs. A moment after - Einat and Ilan came back with castanets on their hands. THe weirdo next to me had to tell me about it. She had only one thing to say about it: "Castanets!". No!! They were dancing a version os Sevillanas with it. that was instead of fin la fiesta. Fun enough as a replace. And they made it longer than an ordinary dance show anyway. 

After the show it took a little time till I got some photos with Ilan. Even then - the girl who made the jaleo joined our photo. It turned out a bit weird and funny, so I'm not sure if it's a good idea to upload it to here. After that I made it with him two good photos with him alone at his last costume of the show, at the dressing room. The firmer friend was there and got jealous. She was demanding a photo with him as well. Later on I was waiting for him next to the entrance of the building. Most of time I was talking with Einat and the girl who made the jaleo. I don't know why didn't I ask a photo with Einat as well. She asked me if I enjoyed it. I said that I was suffering. All the time I was wondering when would this disgusting will end. Looked like she and the other girl understood that I'm joking. A moment after I said that I loved it. Einat started to wonder if it wasn't too long. She was so worry to prepare this show till she didn't notice it takes more than an hour. When Ilan came up we made some selfies together at the entrance hall while he's on daily clothes. He's idea, I couldn't say no for it. 

For celebrating to the end - I went with Ilan and few other friends of him to a coffee shop nearby. 
About photos - I will add here the two photos that he accepted to keep at his Facebook profile as well. One at the dressing room, the other one is a selfie at the entrance hall

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