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Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 2015 = the workshop with Maria Juncal

First of all - I'm sorry I had another delay of few days. Too less sleeping hours, too much activity at waking hours. It makes my eyes burn and don't let me much time to think  clear enough for writing about things like this, I hope it will be last time that my delay is THAT big. So, maybe this time I should do it in a way I usually don't do. It took three classes over three evenings. Instead of writing of each evening in another time - I'll write about all together. 

First class/evening

The Tel Aviv's workshops happened this time at the studio of Mijal. The floor made for it. I took again the medium level class. Still not sure of myself if I can do the highest level of those things, mostly if the teacher is Maria Juncal. I have been twice before at workshops of hers. I did return because I love her style. For people who dance for long enough - she can lift up in the level. I don't dare mostly with her to try the highest level from the fear that I will take down all the others with me. 

I came at a little stress, but on time. Keren was there with her kids. A fast "hello". Got to the "balcony". Oh no.... The Russian girl was there.... Why did she come? And she's ready to take the class. I'm too afraid now that I will throw up on the new floor when the class will start. Down at the studio was the class of advanced. Guajira with a fan. Damn.... Why do I afraid? I love it! Few girls from Mijal's company took this class. Many girls at the studio itself were dancing. No surprise - - my ex-friend was there. First time that I saw her taking this level, but no surprise that she came. My first workshop of Maria Juncal is thanks to her. Looks like this former friend sees Maria Juncal as the only good dancer. At my case I think it was good that she dragged me to my first time with maria Juncal, I love this dancer 0- mostly since that time, but I have some other dancers that I love as well. Because of it I can write about flamenco in general and not only about one dancer. Idit was there. I see her many times at workshops, we became kinda friends thanks for that, but... She told me that she won't come this time. She have taken many classes with Maria, she understood the idea and there is another dancer who will give classes at Tel Aviv those days. She will take the other dancer. 

After getting prepare and see who's there - I went down. I looked at class from the side jealous. I wished to dance with them although I was afraid. Silvia Duran came as well to look from the side. After a while I noticed that she was looking at me. She was checking me out. There are no many people who can make me afraid she does. I made a try stop looking back. This class ended after it's time. Mijal didn't have time to notice me. Maria did notice. First of all - kisses on the cheecks. I'm proud to say it came from her. I know, Spanish thing, but I allow to be excited like 15 years old girls. As long as it makes me feel young I don't see a problem with it. She asked me how I am. My answer: "now it's fine". Seems like she liked the answer. Hello to Ayelet. I was talking with Idit. She told me that she came because of what happened with the workshop she meant to go to. The other dancer is sick and didn't take the flight to Israel. She told about it only after she was suppose to be here already. And no, Idit won't stay to next class. She's taking only one level. I found out that my former friend stayed for another class. 

Also came two men to learn. I don't know them. One of them came for both classes, never mind that one class was guajira with a fan. He's a man at a women's palo, didn't have a fan and didn't look that he's able to dance this level. The other one came to my level's class.

After Silvia Bru who brings Maria every time to Israel and Mijal intoduced Maria - twice checking the names. The legs works as warming. Crazy as usual but included some drills that weren't at the other times. It was hard to see cause of many girls. Some of them just too close to Maria. Didn't matter much. Very hot anyway, lots of humidity and no air conditioning working. Few minutes and I was sweating like I''m in the middle of the desert. A bit of body and hands' warming. Oh, what's the time? Too late! Never mind. Tomorrow we'll work longer on the dance. What do we want? Will tangos will be fine? 

We started a beautiful tango dance. One of the girls made a try to run over me, no matter what. Keren's mother came to look from the balcony.

We received a lot of time after our class meant to finish. More time than we supposed to receive after our late. Still we received few more minutes of dancing just like this - libre - with music. I noticed that Keren's mother stood up and made a try to do the hands' work we got. She mostly got stuck with her hands up and looked confuse. Still a good way to finish an evening. After I got back home I found out how much tired I was.

Second class/evening

This time no kisses, just saying hello to some girls between classes. My former friend didn't come at all. Accept the Russian girl - all girls that I know took the advanced class. Two of them stayed for the class that I took as well. Silvia Duran came again to look from the side. This time she didn't look at me. By the way I went to talk with Idit. I noticed that the Russian girl is looking and doesn't look peaceful. Good. It's better that she'll see that I know people outside the studio of Neta, it's even better if it keeps her out of balance. After I finished talking with Idit and took a place to dance - the Russian girl came to stand at the same place I was standing for talking. Oh dear, she's afraid of me! I'm so proud of myself! Don't get me wrong - it isn't about her being Russian. I have Russian blood myself. It's all about her being a bitch.  I won't say her now, only if she will hurt me again.  

Our class didn't start on time, but this time it looked less stressed. Onve again - names reading twice. 

Legs' warming. A girl that I knew through Neta's studio and took a part at her company for a short time came late. Her name has been there also at the first class, but she came only at this part. She found a place not far. Again - what's the time? Maria said that this time we don't need more than that. water brake and we'll go on with the tangos. The woman who brought her gave me a flyer. It's about workshops that will go on this summer at Madrid. Maria is one of the dancers who will give the workshops. I've been asked to put it at my blog. Sure, with pleasure. It's already here in another place and I will remind it again. 

We worked on some steps from the evening before. Change lines and some new steps for the tangos. 
A lot of work and few times changing lines. That evening I have been a lot at the front, but still was difficult to see all. Some girls still got too close to Maria. The one who made a try to run over me at the evening before made a harder try that evening. And repeat all over the tangos again and again.

End of class. Again - just dance a bit libre. This time Silvia Duran got up for dancing with us. At the moment this class has finished I asked Maria if I could take a video of the tangos at the end. No problem.

After class at the balcony. Clothes changing. The Russian girl made a try to get into a conversation of overs. I was glad to see it cause instead of being a part - the other girls stopped talking. A moment after she got into me. She was on the way to the loo. I made a try to get there. She started to walk back without looking, so stepping on me. I found out that she knows the word "sorry" and she can say it. I didn't look her face, but I have a feeling that she didn't like to find out that she apologized to me....

Third class/evening

Once again Silvia came to look. Between classes I had a shorted conversation with Idit, but a bit more talking with Ayelet. A girl that I used to know through Neta's studio and I still see a lot at workshops came for two levels at the three evenings. This time between classes we really talked. The other girl who used to be at Neta's studio came when we started legs' warming. This time she found a place almost behind me. At the middle of warming she tapped my back for saying hello. 

Water brake. I was talking with the girls who tapped my back. I asked her for where does she dance now. She told me that she didn't dance for 3-4 years and this workshop is her coming back. Now she thinks of a return for dancing for real. She told me at which studio she thinks to go to. 

Some new steps, some more returning of the old steps. Making all together. Once changing lines. Once again I was most of time at the front thanks to it. Still couldn't see much because of those who wanted to be too close. Found out that some of the new steps has a part of the tangos we gotm some were just for fun. And dancing all again and again. 

Once again dancing libre. Our class meant to finish. I came to Maria. I asked her if it's still possible to have a video of the tangos. Oh, yeah. She called all back. Whoever wants to dance again - it's possible. Whoever wants to take a video of the dance - this is the time. Some did dance once again. I wasn't the only one who took a video. OK, I got almost everything I wanted. After that I said that one more thing - can I have a photo with her this time as well? Yes I can. She called the woman who brings her to Israel every time. She took two photos. I got the option to upload the photos. A moment after ' all girls came to her like bees to honey for having photos with her. One of the unknown men asked for it as well. 

This time Silvia Duran looked at me after all. After changing I still felt like I must thank Maria for all of it and say goodbey normally 

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