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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

After watching Snow White from the audience

Snow White and Seven Dwarfs (version of Compas Company)  has been Saturday morning at Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv. This time I wasn't needed. I convinced my sister it's time that her daughter will see it. So I ordered tickets to three of us. Already no many tickets left at normal places. 

Rainy day, doesn't fit for April at Tel Aviv.... Came a lot before time, mostly when we're talking about coming with a 4.5 years old kid. She was happy. When we got into the hall between the first people at the audience we could hear the dancers practice and getting warm on stage. It made my niece more excited. For me it was weird to come to see a flamenco show and instead of meeting people that I know - the hall is getting filled with kids and their parents. Oh, one person I did know, but he was at the other side of the hall, I was with my niece and sister, I'm not sure if he remembers me, so... Didn't feel like getting up for it. 

The show itself.... I was thrilled from many reasons myself, but it was a bit weird. Let's start with the weird thing: 

It isn't a pure show of flamenco only. Half of it is a play. I saw before flamenco versions for theatre plays or ways to make a theatre by telling a story by flamenco. Those version based on flamenco only. Till now - for adults. Really, who will take kids to see Blood Wedding, David and Bat Sheva  or Lady of the Camellias? I mean - normal people and not crazy people like me. And this is a play with flamenco made for kids. I'm not a kid but I came to see.

I was thrilled because my niece was a great reason for trying and check it out, and hey - it's still includes flamenco! And after all - I do know the fellows on stage, most in person. I took a part of this show last time, now I finally had a chance to see all that happened on stage. Last time I couldn't do it. A part of time I was behind the stage, at another parts I needed to pretend that I'm sleeping. All of it before we remind that some parts has been changed at the last moment when I took a part - just for I could fit in without any rehearsal. 

Few changes at the people on stage. Of course Ayelet Shachar as Snow White as she does for years. Mijal Natan as the bad witch as she always at this show/play. The prince - when I took a part was a man that I never met before. Even after taking a part - I still don't know who he was. I guess that he's been taken when the show/play is in Arabic as we did then. He speaks the language well. This time was a guy who I met few days earlier at the studio, looked familiar and probably I saw him before on stage. Now I know that the familiar guy who was the prince this time is Eran Franco. When I took a part at the show I wasn't really aware to the way the prince was. About Eran Franco I know now that he do it cute with a charm. With all my love to flamenco - I know that "cute" doesn't really fit, but there are times that this word is needed. This time it fits. Yael from the destine is abroad, so her part has been taken. I guess I'm not mistaken, cause I remember who was last time, I remember my part and as I remember - I'm not mistaken about the parts that others did. So instead of Yael of destine was Orna Gratz. Possible that she took a part at this show years ago when it started. Again - I didn't see it before. It started to "run" even before I started to write. When I took a part at the show - Yael Tuchfeld was in a visit at Israel, so I had the luck and honor to perform with her. Never mind that was a part it turned out a bit crazy. As far as I know - she also was at the original cast of Snow White. Now she's at Seville again.  Hadas Nestel who didn't dance for too long because of health was dancing this dwarf. The weirdest thing for me about the fellows on stage was about seeing who was dancing "my" dwarf, the sleepy one. Mor Zilberman was dancing this part. She didn't dance for a long time, not at this company and not even at the studio. I never met her at workshops, so I know her only on stage from a long time ago. Nothing personally. And as far as I know - she's the original Snow White at this show. 

And now I really saw it. Of course that I know the story since I was a kid, but this time I could see this version. I could see all of it and notice the way it meant to be. I was a bit sorry that I couldn't do it this way. I can't really complain, after all because of me was a one time show that looked a bit different. Although I needed mostly to be there without really dance - I had the chance to act. I've been told I made it well. My sister asked me if I didn't dance as they did because I couldn't. No better way to let down. Just more questions like this please! I'm waiting! I couldn't do it from the reason I didn't see the show before and didn't have a real rehearsal. My rehearsal was less than an hour before the show and was mostly for I could know my entrances. Now when I saw the show from the audience I was wondering if I really couldn't do it. The parts of the dwarfs looked like something I could dance if I had enough time to practice. 

My niece was watching it in silence. The only times she wasn't this way were at one point that she wanted to understand better, another time when she asked to sit on my sister's knees. Although my niece loves dancing she didn't want to do so at the little kids' workshop at the end of show. I have few photos from this part. I apologize for the quality of the photos. Has been taken through the mobile phone and I still not used to take photos at situations like this one. 

It was possible again to have some photos of the kids with the characters from the show. This time they didn't wait on the stage for it. After this part they got out to have some photos with the kids at the broad next to the hall. My niece was looking for them. She was curious when she saw them going outside from the artists' door. At the moment that me and my sister told her that she can have some photos with them - my niece became shy. She didn't want to. Not with Snow White, not with the dwarfs, not with the witch. My sister offered her that I'll be with her and both of us will be at the photos. I made a try to talk with the girls. It was difficult to reach them because of the many kids who didn't have a problem to have photos like this. After a while I made a little talk with Ayelet. After that a real conversation with Mijal. All went to change, but Ayelet and Hadas stayed. I was there and both of them were happy to talk with me. Well, until it has started to be too cold for them outside. 

After that three of us - my niece, my sister and me went for lunch at my parents'. My mother asked my niece how did she enjoy it. My niece said:
"Snow White ate from the apple, she died, and then her boyfriend gave her a kiss, and then she woke up. Who didn't see the play Snow White? You didn't see? Go to see it next time!"

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