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Friday, January 23, 2015

Getting into a fight

Normally I try to avoid fights cause I hate it. I think it's useless. 
Normally I try to avoid insulting people on this stage. It isn't the way.
Normally I try to avoid making this blog as a tabloid. It won't help anyone.
This time I got into an old fight, I will start to insult someone on this stage and for the first time (and hopefully - also the last time) that I'm about to make this blog as a tabloid. Someone who calles herself a dancer... Even that I do my best - I have some limits to my patience and she;s palying with it too far. My patience has expired.

So, there was a blogger here that made a try to let me down. It was when I only started writing this blog. I hate this guy. I did write about him for taking off some "steam", but without to tell his name. He was reading it for sure, he knew that I'm talking about him for sure, he doesn't bother me any longer. I don't need to shame him now. But - he had a connection with the person that I'm about to write about. I was writing about her before without to mention her name cause I don't think she worth my help for publicity. She isn't good enough. Now I think she's too bad. I will remind her name, but not for giving her her a stage, only for shaming. 

Once again - first time and I hope I won't need it again. I DON'T want to make this blog as a tabloid.

So, there is someone at Be'er Sheva that her name is Adar Meron. She thinks that she's a dancer, but for being a dancer you need to have some talent as a bade. She doesn't have any talent, only ego in a size of Andalucia. Maybe even bigger. And she used to say that she's the best. Yeah, right.... Best in ego. She also say all the time how terrible are the people from Tel Aviv. Oh, should I be sorry now that I'm from Tel Aviv and love it?  She always say that the people from Tel Aviv thinks that they are better from the people at Be'er Sheva. I don't. Really. I do think that I'm better than one person at Be'er Sheva, but it isn't because place of living. It's because she demand it. The only thing which is really good about her is the fact she have enough "elbows" to push and get in. She tells it for promoting flamenco, I think it's for promoting herself only. 

So, Adar have two profiles at Facebook as I am. Well, not really. I have two cause one profile has filled with friends and I wanted more. She have one with her name, the other one with her company Flamenco Arte. She used to be a Facebook friend of mine - both her profiles at my first profile. She used to have a boyfriend who used a stage of civil protest against government for asking her to merry him. She accepted. One year of preparing and her wedding became more more famous than her "career". The same day she deleted me from her friends list at Facebook, at least at the profile with her real name. After two years being a wife - she's getting divorce. 

Once a show of hers failed. She said it's because a war was ruin her publicity. No, she started the publicity before the war. I din't go to see the show cause I don't attend to pay for her shows. Others who did go said that were two good things at this show: the musicians, but they took it as their show because of her level. And there was another dancer from Spain. He was good. All rest of show was horrible. And got insulted. How does anyone say that her show is bad? Impossible that her show failed because of the level...

So, she will have a second festival of flamenco at Eilat. Some are the same as were last year.  Although some of musicians are good - I won't publish details about it. I don't attend to publish details about it. Not only that it's her - she already published it on my Facebook wall with her Flamenco Arte. I deleted it from my profile. I don't ask for money, so it's too much. 

Something like a year ago she said that she's about to make a flamenco magazine. She wrote it at her Facebook group. She wants people to pay her to publish articles at the magazine! I wrote her as a comment that things doesn't go this way. If she wants to make a magazine - she have to pay others to write articles. Getting back the money for it must be through real commercial and through people who buy the magazine. She was writing about how much does it cost to publish the magazine. I offered her to write a blog, it doesn't cost a thing. She doesn't want to, but I can. She can help me. WTF??? I have my blog! People read it! Some even wrote me some good comments! Some send me information for publishing! 

Most of the information that I receive I do publish cause it's about artists who I believe in. A lot I do look myself for publishing. I don't ask for money for publishing, not from anyone. It doesn't matter if it's about publishing a show, a workshop or "just" a photo. I have few reasons. The main one is the fact it doesn't cost me money, only my time and I do it with love. And this way - I have my freedom to publish artists that I love or believe at them. Few of the artists that I believed at became "stars" since I started this blog. Some shows that I published here became "sold out" few days before it happened, few others hhad only few empty seats at the hall. If I have something about it - I can only be proud at myself. 

After a while of not hearing about the magazine - I thought she gave it up. Recently Adar wrote again it's about to happen. The first "historical" magazine is about to publish at the end of January and will go out every month. Few days ago she wrote me. personally at Facebook through Flamenco Arte that she wants to talk with me about the magazine. I wrote her that there is nothing to talk about. I'm not gonna pay for being at her magazine. My blog is enough for me. I know that she won't find it interesting because I'm NOT provincial and write for the whole world, not only for Israelis about the scene at Israel. Still, it does get bigger with time and some wrote me great comments (what a joy that I didn't need to lie about it). In case that she will change her mind - she can check it out. I sent her a link. By the way - I don't like that she send publicity to my wall. 

It took her few days to answer. The only thing she had to say that my comment is nasty. Oh really? I think that she's the nasty. I wrote her again at private she said herself that she's asking for money and that my blog is boring. She wrote at her group that at Spain things the same can happen one next to each other and make a living out of it. No wars. It doesn't make a threat. It's better doing it this way here as well, there is a place for all. She wrote me on private that I'm wrong and make others a mistake. No I don't. By the way - she isn't a threat. If I'm a blogger and I know that there are other bloggers who write about flamenco - I'm not worry. I know that there are many, I know that some of the other flamenco blogs are also good. I don't see any of them as a threat, not even the good ones. My beiong sure of myself it's because I know that my blog is good and getting better. I know that that all of us do it for the same cause. I know that some of the other bloggers recommended before to read mine as well - more than once. I know that each one of us has "the thing" to do it in a different way, so it can't be the same as I do it as I can't do it like them. So how does this nothing that called Adar Meron can be a threat? 

By writing this post we went on with a fight through Facebook. And yes, she is sure that I see her as a threat. Ans the fact that she's asking me to take a part is because she thinks I'm a figure at the flamenco scene. Well, I don't need her to know that I'm a figure at the flamenco scene. I know that I'm a bigger figure than her. I'm sure that her magazine is too small for my figure. 

Now  we're not friends at all. Oh no, I'm broken... 

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