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Monday, April 30, 2012

One more photo of Farruquito

3 more of Farruquito on stage

Rafa gives a class

An oldie one of Farruco

Miguel - one more photo on stage

What a class...!

Well, the guitar player normally comes to the studio once in two weeks. He came last week, so I was surprised. When I got to the studio I saw he's there. And there was someone else who sat near him. From outside it looked like she sits instead of Neta in her chair and I couldn't understand it. Still - I knew who she is. It's a girl who used to dance in the studio of Neta before. She started as a kid, made a brake, came back, I danced with her for a while and she's gone again. When I got in I saw better. She wasn't on a chair - she was sitting on a cajon and played on it. I didn't know she does it. I still didn't try to listen how does she do it. I was hurry to change. Only me and one more girl came. The medium level was full, but our class.... All the rest came in the last moment - those who came. My friend and one another didn't come at all. Two of the medium level class looked at me in a weird look of "what's going on here....". The girl on the cajon looked at me. She remembered me. I started to freak out cause I didn't remember her name and I have nothing against her, so it's really rude of me. When our class has started - Neta talked about her - what a kid she was and always said in classes "it's so pretty" and started to cry. She said that none of knows her, oh - I know her! Neta probably forgot that I'm there for years and she crowned me as a part of the studio. So - I know her and I know many other people who were in this studio. Neta asked me if I remember this girl. Yes, Sure I do. This girl looked pleased from my short answer. And now I understand why didn't I remember her name - ut takes me a lot of time to remember names, I knew her for a short time and she have a very unique name. Maybe I should remember because it's unique... Neta told that this girl danced for years, she stopped and now she learn to play on the cajon. And hand's warming. Neta asked the girl on the cajon to come and make it with us. She stood and did it with us. When we moved to make to legs' warming - Neta asked her to go back to the cajon. And then - the husband of the fat woman started to look at us from the window. Spooky... And we started with some new steps so everything got confused to me. Neta stood near me for showing me how to do it right and I couldn't really listen to her just because of this Peeping Tom outside. When we made some other steps he was gone and I could think of what I'm doing. As a part of next steps and warming - we started to work on some new steps for our farruca. This time - in a little change. Many times the farruca changes near the end to tango. Both goes on beat of four, but it has a different style. Our farruca will end as a tango and we started to work on it tonight. And I started to listen to the cajon. I don't know how long does she do it, but I think it isn't much. She isn't the best but she do it well and I enjoyed listen to her play in the class. When we really danced I'm not sure how did I make it. The nice one found a place too much near me. She's usually fine, but she never remember to stay in her own area in the dance. And the one who came a bit after me this time (a girl who do this class and once made the bata class like she do it forever) started to get too close as well. Few times I was sure that this girl will step on me in one more moment. Once she even made a circle around me... And like this isn't enough - the husband came back to the window to watch us. I know I freak him out as well, but it doesn't help much. He made a little brake and he's there again. Now when I made a water brake he tried to "hide" and went a little back, but he was there all the time. In the end of class Neta told us that we're about to have clothes to dance the farruca - pants in 3 sizes and we'll be the first to have it. We'll choose the colors we want to have and as far as we're the first ones and we won't have fittings - we'll have it cheaper than others. We will be also the models of those in a web site. The fat woman was amazed enough from this till she went to the window for talking with her hubby. I was curious if those pants we'll have for the farruca will be ready for the end of year. Neta said it will be - mostly because we'll start working on it next week. I hope she's right...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

One of Diego

Couple more - includes a double one

Couple of getting old posters of Farruquito

Few more of Domingo

Some words (of others) about Domingo

Some photos of Domingo and ‎Inmaculada Ortega

Has been taken by Levent Erutku

Marcos Jiménez in Buenos Aires

This May

Juana Amaya at June

Friday, April 27, 2012

And one cover of Camaron

A cover (Manolo)

This is a record' cover of another record of Manolo Caracol

Courses of Farruquito in Sevilla - this June

Farruquito will give this June (since the 18th June until 29th) courses in Sevilla, Spain, It will be in two levels, an hour and a half each class. For medium level it will take a part between 18:00-19:30hr. For advanced (professionals) - 19:30-21:00. For more details and get sign to it:

Some in one

I received this photo through facebook... Some flamencos in one photo - mostly musicians. As one who's crazy for flamenco and "in it" for years - I can tell who are many of them, but as far as flamenco is so wide - I still can't tell who are all of them. Any case - a lot of talent in one little thing (although I do have some names that left out from here)

Two old posters of Belén

And more... Belén

Couple of Belén in b/w