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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I didn't forget

I still suppose to write about the show of Úrsula López with her sister Tamara López and with Leonor Leal at Días de Flamenco. I didn't forget that I should write about it. My sleeping is weird and my dog wasn't well. Now my dog is better, but I need to be with my head in the writing and a little time.

Till weekend all will be here

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A bit more Vlada Vest at Adi Foundation's contest

Photos by Sicilia Hashoul

Vlada Vest at the contest of Adi Foundation

Photos by Sicilia Hashoul

Upcoming stories

I saw the show of Úrsula López at  Días de Flamenco festival. The festival has finished this evening and I know who won at the contest. The winner is Vlada Vest. I knew she will.

Last night I was too tired to tell. Couldn't wake up at the morning, still have a dog and few more things to take care for. I was sure that I will start write  after a night walk with my dog tonight. Another dog was biting my dog. Can't write now.

My apologize that it's waiting so long. Right now.... my mind with my sick dog

Friday, March 17, 2017

An article from The Jerusalem Post

En el café de chinitas-Lorca

A photo by Orna Timen

Spettacolo di flamenco con la partecipazione di Miguel Angel Espino, l'attrice Alice Conti, Momi de Cadiz, Antonio Espanadero, Cristiano Costanzo, Gioanni Brecciaroli, Giovanna Carosini, Michela Fossà col gruppo Zambramora di Ancona, Elisabetta Romanelli col gruppo Artinscena di Trieste, Adriana Grasselli e Mariella Di Gregorio con la Peña Andaluza, disegno luci di Alice Colla.
Sono aperte le prenotazioni per i biglietti di ingresso allo spettacolo. Per informazioni : 
cell . 3395747007

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