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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Workshops/flamenco fair with Domingo Ortega, day two

OK, I know it takes me too long this time. Still, after a crazy week and nothing makes me rush with writing about it (accept my memory). So, second day between two with Domingo Ortega.

Friday morning. Still freezing and raining. I didn't sleep enough at the night before as I wished for. Went to sleep too lare and woke up earlier than I used for getting there on time. Those hours are difficult for me without this help. I took a taxi to be there. This time the level I took has started first, so I wanted to be on time. Domingo said hello to me in Hebrew. As far as I didn't feel awake - it took me some time to answer and felt rude. I met my "dear friend" who didn't come to the first day. She brought Ilan. As I heard her say - also Igaely, never mind I didn't see any of them. In the case of Igaely - didn't see him all this morning. I did meet Ilan a moment after. I asked him if she knows that Maria Juncal won't be there. Although I love Maria - she isn't the only one for me. At the case of my friend - seems like she loves no other flamenco artists. Ilan said it's more important that she knows that I'm there. A bit more time to meet fellows and change before it really meant to start. Heavy rains outside, freezing inside. At the entrance hall were buckets to catch the rain drops that linked through the bad roof. 

Getting into the performing hall for the workshop. Idit didn't come yet. I was worry. The reason of thinking of others and myself at the same time - I do like her. It's always nice for me to spend a workshop with her, and that's before I'm sure that she paid for it as I did. The reason of thinking of myself - I couldn't ask from my "dear friend" a ride back even if she's on the way and even if it's for a place which is easier for me to come back home. From Idit I could. And as far as I don't know where is the bus stop which is better for me to come back home and I don't have someone who will aceept to come for me those hours on Friday....

On stage for the workshop, at least some of us. Domingo stood next to one heater at one edge of stage, I stood next to the other one. For a short while someone shared with me the heater. A moment after she went away - Domingo looked at me. He noticed that my dress got waves from the warm wind of the heater. When he was sure that I'm looking at him - he made a movement of waving a dress in a flamenco way. Cute. At least someone can make me laugh at this hour when I still feel asleep. 

Class has started with the same warming like the day before. From time to to time I looked back to see how does my "dear friend" handle it. It took her a little time. After that - the same circles as we did at the day before. Most of time it felt easier for me. It became less confusing. Well, maybe accept one little problem... Domingo signed me once that I don't make a focus. Damn! When would I learn to do it without to forget? A bit after - he signed the same to someone else too. Accept the focus thing - it looked that all the people who took this class at the day before made it better with less fear. My friend was the only one who still didn't look like she really knows what's going on. I guess it's being cruelty, but I was glad to see it.  

And dancing all we had at the day before over and over again. And some new steps. Domingo asked us to change the lines. Most of the kids who came (and came too many) were on the front now. Some too close to him till it was difficult to see. I wasn't the only one who thought so, others asked them again and again to move a bit for all could see. After a while he moved between us for all could see the new steps, but it was still difficult to understand the connection. 

Near the end of it - Idit came. I got relax. So did Neta. Few minuted to end - water brake. I asked Domingo if it will be possible to take another video today at the end. He said "now". All took videos. He started with showing the new steps, after that all the tangos with the new part. Oh my... He's human! He had few blackouts and he forgot a bit from the part he was teaching at the day before. He needed a reminder. Just when I started to think that he's too good for those mistakes. And all of us danced all few more times before end of class. 

One of the women who made this thing happen said that now will be a little brake. At this brake will be a part of a show outside at the entrance hall. After that meant to be a workshop of Silvia Duran (a thing which wasn't at the first plan anyway), but it meant to be while happen the workshop for advanced that Domingo gives. As far as it's impossible to do both at this hall - Silvia's workshop meant to be at the entrance hall. Because of the weather - Silvia's workshop got cancel. Let's all go out for the show. At the way out I was talking with Idit. She said that she stay till the end as I am and accept to give me a ride as she did at the day before. 

At the entrance hall... Neta made there a fair of clothes at her design and second hand clothes, clothes she was wearing at shows. Two dancers made their stage before showing up. They have been asked if they are sure they want to do it. Yes, they are sure, just let them a little moment. I won't say names because I'm not sure how to judge their dancing and show with what happened a moment later. One of them told at English for all will understand about this show. They are three, but one of them couldn't come. They have a new show that about to start that tells with a dance about the relationship of hers with her sister. Well, her sister and she are not really the same. Her sister who takes a part couldn't come because of a text she have. Because they have a short time and the show is long - they were choosing some parts of the show that they love the most. Their show has started. I'm crazy for flamenco, that's clear. With time I started to love modern flamenco as is called modern flamenco and not only traditional. A lot of it thanks to Rocio Molina. And I love modern style. I used to see it a lot, now not enough. The flamenco takes all my time, so I see less modern style than I want to. Through the parts they made from their show it seemed like a mix of all of it. I do love the idea of mixing it all, but is it worth it? Does those dancers are the right dancers for this mix? I wasn't sure if this mix isn't too much for me although I love the idea, or maybe the dancers are not good enough for taking out any emotion out of me while watching them do it. And like it wasn't enough - the dancer who was talking remind me one certain cousin of mine. This cousin isn't too bad, but I wasn't sure I like to think of her while coming for flamenco. From time to time I looked at Domingo. I wasn't sure if this face he did was shock or being tired. When they finished - a bit time to talk with Ilan. Two of us and few more drinking sangria together. The others ran inside again for the next workshop. Neta made a try to be nice with me. She behaved like she doesn't remember the way it ended between us. Domingo called her in. Ilan and my friend ran inside after her. I took my time. 

I came in later to watch from the side on the workshop. I took on my sweatshirt on my dress for keeping my body warm. As I looked on them I started to wonder if it was a good idea to give up this level. Maybe I shouldn't be afraid of it. The Russian girl made a try. Even she did. It looked horrible. I didn't know if I should sorry for her or should I laugh on her stupid bravery. Even at the studio of Neta I was better than her, and accept last year that both of us took improvisation - she always took the easier classes than I took. At this class she was all the time behind Neta. The part of the Russian girl accept hiding behind Neta was looking shocked on the others or doing something after all finished. How dare she? Ilan and my friend made some mistakes too, but they danced. And their reason was that they missed a big part of it by not coming for this class at the day before. At the day before that was first class. For Ilan it was too early to come and my friend didn't come at all. At this part I was a little sorry for my friend and really sorry for Ilan for it harder for them. 

Silvia came although her workshop has cancel. She was wearing a dead animal. Yeah, it looked real. At the start she was sitting at the chair in the front of me. She changed. And after that she went out for a moment and came back. All those movements of hers were next to me. Her dead animal touched my dress. I almost threw up on her because of it. 

I have new mobile phone, so I made a try from to time to learn some new things on it by this time. And text messages. And I went out as well from time to time. Once was for a snack. I went to wash my hands. The dancers who danced at the brake were sitting there with the organizer if this thing. The one who was talking earlier and remind me my cousin stopped me on the way to the loo. She said that I look familiar. I looks like someone important. Who am I? How long do I dance? Where do I dance? From where does she know me? Well, it isn't from workshops. After while it was easy to understand that she thinks she saw something at the internet. Oh, that's the thing! She asked me if don't I publish some artists from Spain. That's one of the things. I have a blog. I make a lot of publicity for my blog at Facebook. Oh really? She knew that I'm someone important! She said so. I thanked her and said that I didn't even know that I'm important. I got back to the hall with workshops. Those dancers went away. 

Near the end of this workshop Ilan sat sown and others took videos. When all got back dancing - he was still sitting. I asked him if he will need some encouraging later on. Why? He looked like he needs it. He said that he's fine. Does anyone send him a video of this dance. He told me that he didn't take any. I noticed, but does anyone send him a video? No, and he doesn't want to. Neta heard a part of it. She said that the interaction between us is funny. By the way - she brought a camera. A professional camera. She wants to take a photo of all with Domingo. Ilan, my friend and few more next to stage. Domingo was alone at one side. I came to be next to him. The others seemed like they didn't like it. Hey, if it's all - it means me as well! So we went to the stage. Neta took some photos of all of us with Domingo. After that - she gave her camera for someone else for taking some photos. Now I was between Neta and Domingo. After that Neta took some more personal photos, some of us alone with Domingo. I was the first. Wow! I almost forget for her the end of both of us! After that Ilan alone with Domingo. Who the hell was the other one who has been given a photo alone with Domingo? Neta said that she will send me after the shows with Domingo will finish. I wasn't sure if to come to the show. The closest to my house was at this cold linking place, Neta was there and I still not sure if to forgive and forget our end, and it means to give up a class. To other dates it will be even harder for me to come. 

Waiting some more. I was talking with Ilan and two more from Neta's studio (my friend and the daughter). The Russian girl made try to get into the conversation, but it looks like she was too afraid. I was a part of conversation and I didn't give a damn about her. I asked them if they noticed the dead animal that Silvia was wearing. They looked and analyzed it. They all agreed it looked real and I was the one who needed to say something to Silvia about it. All of us were waiting for the next thing. The next thing was the workshop that finish this fair. This time it wasn't Domingo. Sharon Sagui and Shuky gave the last workshop and Shuky still didn't come. Hard to blame him. He came from Jerusalem and coming at this weather was a problem. Because of his late - the workshop has started 15 minutes after it meant to start. 

The last workshop... Sinning and dancing while understanding. Sharon told us that the idea is to understand a letra better for dancing for it. They took a letra of buleria to teach us to sing and dance. The sinning is for understanding the way a letra made. This knowledge helps dancing too. As a start - we'll be in two groups. Shuky will teach one group  to sing a letra, the other group will lean some steps from Sharon. To make us different groups she will choose which person will be at which group. She was sure it will mix us and won't keep us with out friends. Not really. I was at the same group with Ilan and my friend. I don't know about Idit but she joined us. I was glad that the Russian girl was at the other group. Our group was the first to learn from Shuky. At the start we took another place on stage, after that we went out for it won't confuse anyone. 

We learned a letra. Never mind if we know all words, better to understand the music and make a try. It took some time till all made a try. After that we got in. Sharon asked us to wait for a moment for another try of her first group. Maybe we'll sing to them. We sang once and they danced. We replaced and now we learned few steps. OK, accept Idit who decided to stay with Shuky. Felt like fin la fiesta way. 

After a while - all of us there. We changed positions from time to time. Once or twice one group sings while the other group dance, after that the the group which was sinning moved to dancing while the other group sings. At the end all of us were dancing few times with Sharon while Shuky sang to us. It finished much after it meant to. Not only that they gave us the missing time - we received 15 more minutes or so. 

This time I was the only one that Idit gave a ride for. She made a try to convince me to come to see the show. I'm not sure... By the way I told her some memories from Neta's studio and my impression from Domingo. She had her things to tell me as well. When we went out - the sun came out. A moment after I went out her car - the rain came back.

The kid that his father takes him for those things has uploaded a video or two from the workshop of Sharon and Shuky. The Russian girl has a Facebook profile which is open for all. She shared a video and said that those who have sharp eyes can see her confusing for her own pleasure like there is no tomorrow. The only thing I can say about it is that sharp eye isn't needed to see her mistakes. It needed for seeing her do it with elegance or pleasure 

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