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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Two more weeks at La Sala Garufa,


Don't forget - Tomatito comes to San Francisco (March 2014)

Waiting for the information

Once again - I have some start of information, can't wait to have all details for telling you. 

For a start - Adi Akiva said that her next destination is China. I hope that soon I will have some information to publish. As soon I will have photos - that would come too.

And Miguel.... About Miguel Angel it would be easier. At February 2014 he will be in a tour at Japan. Sometime later he will come to Israel too. He promised me personally that at the moment he will have some information to give me - he will do it. 

Two more weeks with Pastora

En Chile

Andreu on stage

Double (lunares)

Friday, November 29, 2013


Rafael Amargo ar Napoli (this December)

 Ho organizzato uno stage con un illustre nome del flamenco: Rafael Amargo, già ballerino del Ballet National de Espana e pupillo del bailaor Antonio Canales (vedi ulteriori info sulla rete web). Ora in Italia è impegnato come giudice a Ballando con le stelle e sarà impegnato con i flamenchi di Napoli domenica 8 dicembre per un interessante stage full immersion di flamenco. Lo stage si suddividerà in due gruppi di livelli differenti: il primo gruppo di livello intermedio inizierà verso le 16.30/17.00, mentre il secondo gruppo di livello avanzato inizierà verso le 18.30. Il costo di ogni singolo gruppo è di 40€. L'invito è aperto a tutti e ancor meglio se viene girato e condiviso da ogni partecipante ad altre persone, in modo da approfittare in tanti della lezione del grande maestro. Per qualsiasi altra info o per prenotare lo stage chiamare il 338/4743088 oppure il 339/3120634, oppure mandare una e-mail a
Mi raccomando non mancate

David Perez comes to Japan

Chano Lobato



Dolores Abril y Juanito Valderrama

The brothers

Camino al Alma

Tonight with Ivan at Sacromonte

Festival Flamenco 2013

Festival Flamenco 2013
Muestra de Alumnos de Alicia Fiuri & Nestor Spada
El proximo jueves 12 de Diciembre a las 20.30hs en el Teatro Astros de la calle Corrientes sera la muestra flamenca de alumnos de Alicia Fiuri & Néstor Spada
Las entradas se encuentran en venta en la Academia de Baile Flamenco, Bulnes 887 de lunes a jueves de 18.30 a 21.30hs. y los días sábados de 11 a 13hs.
También se podrán adquirir en el Teatro Astros únicamente dos horas antes del dia de la función.

Tonight at Niño de la Alfalfa (Sevilla)


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Artistic Rafa

This December - workshops with La Moneta


At Turin


Manuela Carrasco

Green eyed flamenca

Tomorrow at Niño de la Alfalfa (Sevilla)

Eva Yerbabuena by Rubén Martín

Clases de flamenco

BALLETIN DANCE anuncia el lanzamiento de un nuevo libro de su sello editorial: "Apuntes de Clases, La danza española y El baile flamenco" de Gabriel Vaudagna Arango. Con prólogo de Carlos Manso. Apuntes históricos, propuesta de clase (didáctica, para docentes y alumnos) ejercicios teóricos para hacer fotocopias. Info completa en el link: 

Maria Juncal

The man is a dancer


Next line

I guess that I can't remember when was the last time I was sleeping normally. Now also after two days of fixing my house with some help of a weird person, knowing that a singer which I grew up on his music has died without any warning, knowing that many other people are sad because of this death at least as I am because of his talent and his personality, a new/old fight with very certain couple of neighbours... I came to class exhausted physical and mentally. 

When I came few girls out next to the door has started talking about the singer who dies and how horrible it is. At the studio = The class before was on. The guitar player was playing to them. The dragon tattoo girl didn't come. Got into the toilets, changing and so. Three times others wanted to get in too. They were dancing there, the other class. Most with their own fans. I noticed that the looking girl was holding a fan which looks like a fan of Mijal. I was right. At the end of this class she brought back the fan to Mijal who took it back to her office. I wondered if Mijal wasn't afraid that her fan will brake. The looking girl, Ayelet and Moran stayed for the class that I take. 

My class has started with a warming, relax music... Although I love this part and normally start to relax from it after few moments - it was hard. I still felt the stress of last days at my body. I didn't do real mistakes but I felt that my body is very stiff and I cant let go even  I made a try. My body started to move a bit better only when this part has finished. Still tired and need a lot of strength to be concentrated and dance without to brake.  And the girl who usually next to me got back from a brake. From some reason - she still thinks that I need to stand next to the wall or disappear. 

We made all parts of legs. I remember like one of them we made twice although Mijal was very pleased from all of us in each one of the parts. We learned some new steps for the last part. I almost lost my patience because it became too much for me, but after while I got it. I think that I got it... We we've been asked to dance as three groups - each one will dance another part of legs of real dancing. We had the option to choose which part do we want to dance. Although I love the most the first one - I stayed in my place to dance the third. I had two reasons. The weird one was that I was too lazy to move. The main reason was that the third part is still the most difficult for me and because of that I think that I need to work harder on it. It went well cause the looking girl went to dance the first and Ayelet joined the group which danced the third. The dance itself - the group of the second was at the middle and started. We made them palmas. The group of the first started when they finished and we closed it while all makes us palmas. This time was easier than I thought it would be. Mijal said that all of us made it very well. She said that we will do it again, but next times we will change it, probably by order and will change by who will dance which part for sure. 

We danced all the liviana. Ayelet was still around. Some of the steps she made it at the opposite, probably in a way that she dance on stage. It helped me and confused me at the same time. It was easy to see her for remembering  steps which not yet feel right, but once I made steps at the opposite like although it's about steps which are easy for me and I know how to do right. By the way - at this part I missed another step which I know how to do. The girl next to me came too close. I had nowhere to run, so her hand got into mince twice in one minute or so. At a part which is close to it she was standing and looking. 

We learned some new steps for the liviana. danced all again with the new steps. Pretty the same - almost missed (or did I miss for sure?) because I was looking at Ayelet. The girl next to me had to stuck her hand once again and stand for looking a moment after. At the end I started to miss a bit because I couldn't any more. 

The guitar player went away. The mother of one of the little girls came. We worked on some little parts of dance. A moment before the class was over - the mother already wanted to take her kid and asked if it's over

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12 December at Temple Cale

Temple Cale: 

Guitarra: Diego Lorenzo 
Cante y caja: Pipi Ramon Manzano 
Baile: Belén Moyanesi 

Acompaña a Las Reinas de LA AURORA !!!

Valor: 45 auroras
Reservas al: 2616161566

Antonio Reyes

Fotografia de Oliver & Viladoms, Barcelona

My first tree (I learned from this one)


Vintage flamenco

They say that dancers are like dreamers who dream with their feet

Maria comes to Cádiz

Getting high, getting low

I'm not sure this time... No, it isn't because I'm tired for a change. I mean - I am tired as usual, but so many other things around, not all has anything to do with flamenco and the class I had this evening. 

For you could understand the joke I will tell a little thing about why did yesterday was a hard day and why did it go on today. The ceiling at my bath started to brake. Yesterday came a person to start fixing it. A weird person. Accept the mess - he insisted to call me Liora. There is a name like this in Israel, but as you know - it isn't mine. Yesterday before he went he said something like "Liora, look how much work did I do! God protects you!". I told about to Ilan and yesterday alsready the jokes has started that "everybody are Liora".  Today this person came to finish the work. My bathroom still smells from fresh paint. 

Any case - an improvisation class at the studio of Neta. I didn't open my mobile phone all afternoon. The studio where we dance a bit more than two years at the entrance of the school, the old one - got to get in and go up three floors by foot. I rather go up three floors by foot. I like the old one and still can't handle the "new" one. When I came I saw that the "new" studio is closed, even the gate for it is closed. I wondered if Neta said something about it. After a moment I saw a sign with a direction to her studio. It was at the old studio which I love. The snobbish woman came a moment before me. At the studio itself were Neta, my friend and the Russian girl. I saw the guitar of Andreu but didn't see him. I didn't knw that he will come cause he was last week. The technique class didn't happen this time. I asked Neta how did we get this studio. It was because of something that happened at this school. I went to the toilets for a moment. Till I got back - all were there accept the assistant. Andreu did come. I went to change. 

At this studio - there is a room next to the studio for changing clothes. I heard Neta ask if all there, yes - all there and we can start. It was also few minutes before it meant to start. Hey, I'm not ready yet! Neta asked who said it. Of, it was Orna... A moment after I heard Neta tells that the Russian girl has a birthday. They started to sing her. I ran into the studio while holding my flamenco shoes at my hands. Ilan started to open the wine. I told Neta that I'm happy that I'm so important to the studio. Yes, it was cynical. Ilan said something about Liora. Neta didn't understand. He said that he mean to me. I'm Liora. I told her that Ilan knows a part of the story about the person who came to fix my ceiling and called me Liora. Neta asked Ilan what does he have with me lately. They started the class without me and Ilan. Ilan took care for the wine and I was wearing my shoes. I said to him that he has nothing with me lately because he became a traitor. He asked me to go dancing. I said that I can't because I'm not wearing my shoes yet. He said that I should dance with bare feet.

I joined late cause they started, but I was ready on time... Ilan started to dance a moment after me. Some kind of warming - some of the steps we always do, just using our  bodies in a different way. I hardly started - Neta told me to do it different than that way I did. I made a try! Really! On a different step she wanted to fix me but at the last moment she said it isn't bad (or something like that). After we started to work on remates - Neta sent us to drink. Someone learned from me... She brought wine and chocolates for her birthday. Neta asked what do we wish for the Russian girl. This is new.... It took some time till my friend wished her many tangos. Neta said it's the best wish. Neta had some new stories which I think I heard before. 

We went on working on steps. After that Neta asked us to make a little circle around Andrue. Then - Andrue will play to us something, not even a letra and we will make some markajes and three little remates - shorter than we usually do. Neta showed us a bit what does she mean. She asked the Russian girl to be the first. The Russian girl didn't accept to be the first one. So we went from the other side, which mean me. For a change I was relax. Normally I need to be afraid to do it right and this time I made some steps from my mind and not all were what we learned. Still when I finished Neta said it was good. She looked surprised. Oh really? She fixed the others. OK, the non clean one made it well too and nothing to fix her. We made another round. This time Neta felt like she must guide me through my try. I was so busy in whatever she said, I couldn't listen to the guitar as I needed and this time wasn't so good. I missed so many times in such a short time. Ilan was better and started to make all of us laugh. 

We started to sing the first letra of our tango. Neta started to miss some of words. The Russian girl brought a copy of the words. We went on with it for a while. We made a reminder for the salida. We had some time to think. Now had to dance a full letra. I was the first again. This time I still had the short remates on my mind. I made a llamada. Andreu noticed and responded to me, for the others it took some time till they started to sing by time that Andreu and me went on. Few time he went on to make long remates while I wanted to make it short. I made a try to go with him, some of times I was waiting, once I made another time. I almost forgot to make the salida and again it wasn't really as Neta wished but had time to make my mark on it. I  was sure Neta won't have anything to say, and in case she will have - she would say what went wrong. She said it was good. The snobbish woman and my friend made pretty well but if I remember right - they needed to fix it. Ilan stasted and has been asked to start again because he was too rigid for the opinion of Neta. When he started again - he made is funny and great. It get many comments. The non clean one wasn't sure and stopped many times. The Russian girl wasn't too bad for a beginner but she stole from me my steps of salida. Oh no... Now when I think of it - I guess that I should take it as a compliment, but it mostly pissed me off. 

Another round. This time it was a bit different - not an ordinary dance but still by the rules. Neta showed what does she mean. The others started to say that she's scary (it was really good and were afraid they can't do the same). She told about a girl who was at her company and was "the only one who told her the truth" that she sucks with the high level that ask for. My friend said that she remember that girl years ago at classes that this girl held her head and complained that "now she have to dance it". I didn't tthink to complain now. Whatever goes. Again - I was relax but wasn't sure that I do what I suppose to, when I finished - Neta looked surprised and said it was good. The snobbish and my friend made it pretty well after they complained. Ilan started jaleo of "Liora" to each one who danced since my friend. He was in the front of me at this part. I was looking at him surprised each time. He smiled back. He made it funny again. The non clean one stopped few times again. The Russian girl finished with the beginners' luck and it did work out for her. 

Class was over. I went to change. When I almost finished  (something like wearing my daily shoes) - Ilan asked if it's fine to get in. I said that he can, I don't have this problem with him any more. He got in, changed shoes and took his stuff. By the way he said that he forgot it's this way now and he already saw all (more correct is "almost all"). I asked him about the jaleo. He said "we're all Liora". Went on talking about last Saturday night till we went out to the others. All of us went out together. I told outside the difference between classes of bata de cola at both studios. I told how did others got into me at the "new" one. Ilan asked how does it happen to me all the time. My friend said that I'm magnetizing.

When I got back home, before I went out for a walk with my dog - I got into Facebook for a moment and by the way the internet was open on a site of news. At the news site there was an article about an Israeli singer who got into the hospital this evening and there is a fight on his life. He isn't a flamenco singer but I still love him. Many Israelis loves him. He isn't young and I guess that I can say that I grew up on his music. After I got back with my dog - I got into Facebook again, and the news site. Didn't take long till they said at the new that this singer has passed away. Fine, so he wasn't young, but I think that still too young and it happened so fast... And as far it's about a great singer... All the happiness that I had at class because I made it well till Neta needed to say so.. .Now the happiness has gone away

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

8 December

Pasión Gitana

Zaterdag 15 februari om 21:00h - Sábado 15 Febrero a las 21:00h 
Zondag 16 februari om 15:00h - Domingo 16 Febrero a las 15:00h
Flamenco optreden met / Artistas invitados: 
-IRENE LA SENTIO (dans/ baile) 
-JUAN JIMENEZ "El viejin" (gitaar/ guitarra)
(video Irene la Sentio y Farruquito):

Kaartjes voor de Live Flamencovoorstellingen vanaf nu te koop in ons Flamencocentrum Peña Al Andalus te Antwerpen!
(VVK 14 €, kassa 16 €)

Een avondje uit met familie of vrienden, lekker genieten van Spaanse Tapas en authentieke flamenco zoals in Andalucia ? Op zaterdagavond kan je bij ons komen genieten van heerlijke Spaanse gastronomie, steeds vergezeld van een wervelend Flamenco optreden in een aangename familiale Spaanse sfeer. Reserveer tijdig een tafeltje als je graag wil genieten van onze exclusieve sfeervolle culinaire zaterdagavonden. Gratis inkom.

Tonight at La Caja Negra

La Caja Negra, Calle fresa 15, 26/11/2013, 22h.

Baile : Carmen Torres, La Sol y Mathilde Anton 
Cante : Rocio Lopez Boterita
Toque : Yannick Corre"El Chani''