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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Couldn't help it...

Ok, some photos of Miguel Angel... The one in the middle is from Pavo Real

One more for a rainy day

In this rainy day here... One photo of Farruquito from few months ago

Olga at the tablao

Three photos of Olga Pericet performing at the tablao Villa Rosa

Last night

Once again a miss... This time on the morning there was a message. Not only my class - Neta couldn't give any classes yesterday. I still don't know the reason. It freakes me out. Accept of one less fun evening - when those classes will return it will be harder than ever...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Next shows of Compas

Here is a page with information of next shows of Compas Company of Mijal Natan. Two more (up left) are with Miguel Angel - David and Bat Sheva. I saw it with another dancer. Sadly I won't be able to see it with Miguel... One another - Otros - is a show that includes dancers from Compas, but all cheografers are from "outside" - most from Spain (like Miguel Angel and Rafael Amargo), and one from Israel who made it more modern style

And some more information for march


One more from Casa Patas

One more photo of Farruquito dance at Casa Patas

Now at Zaragoza

Letting know about this may

Monday, February 27, 2012

For Rocio

Couple more photos of Rocío Molina. Can't wait to Días de Flamenco this year... (again)

This wedsday

This wedsday at Ha Chan theater, Jerusalem. The renesance of flamenco with Shir Cante. For tickets: 00-972-2-6306300

It ain't over till the fat woman takes your water

The girls from the farruca class has been asked to start coming with pants and vests to classes. My vests are getting old and my best one started to crumble. About pants - I have jeans... Don't fit. Others fit for practice at class (bata) or getting out with something very certain. Yesterday I went to make some shopping in a rush. In Pull and Bear I found pants. It wasn't the first thing I saw there, but the others were too feminine or not fit me at size. It still needs a fixing of length. At Zara I found a vest after I checked in few stores. One of the sellers there showed me one with a lot of lace. I wasn't sure in the first moment cause again - very feminine. One moment I decided to give it a chance and try because of the dramatic look. The seller also offered to show me a vest with fur. Yeah, right... NO WAY! The vest with lace was on the edge with the way it sat. It fit, but... The seller said it's one size. I took. When I took off the tags for I would be able to dance with it in class I saw it isn't one size. Maybe I should have taken one size bigger. Never mind. Still good enough for what I need. For class I came early a bit after the fat woman. This time she came alone and it made me know for sure that this time no one will watch at us. She didn't get right away to the studio. I did. One bench was hidden behind the piano and others were almost full by stuff of the medium level class. I found a bit of place on one. I took my bags on floor near it and the water bottle on it. I went out to change. There I really met her this time. Said hello and moved on. When I got back to the studio and she came too - Neta and two others danced and others took some videos to have it with the guitar player. For getting to my stuff and get my shoes I had to disturb those who took the videos. I stopped in the middle. In one moments - the fat woman through one of the cameras and took my little space on bench. When it was over - I saw that she almost drop my water and holds it for a long time. I sat on floor for taking my shoes and when she finally lest my water - drink a bit. I got my vest on. I guess it's luck I didn't try to dance with pants and vest together in the first time. It was really weird for me a half class with vest only (and a skirt - a thing that I'm used to dance with). Before warming has started Neta asked what do we prefer - to start warming hands or legs. Most of girls didn't say a thing. I said "hands", the nice one said that she wants to do something with the body. I guess it means "hands" too cause then we move all body. We started. Neta looked at me a bit weird, then she said something about "what a vest". My friend got in. Neta said to others "Orna is with a vest, what about you?". No one said a word, but my friend changed and had a vest as well - a very elegant and pretty. We danced a bit. It looks like that few little things I forgot and few things I still need to remember better as what comes next. Still - few things that were hard for me to remember starts to sink into my memory. Most of girls had things they made and needed to fix. One who started to learn with me this year and only in this class usually look likes everything comes to her naturally in this. Even though she needed to fix few things last night. Some of things Neta told her again and again what's wrong and it didn't change. Near the end Neta asked to record again the guitar with dance. Only one with dance with her. Between the teenagers was only the messy one. Neta asked from her to dance this this time. I went to the bench for taking my water. Before I got there - I saw the fat woman takes my bottle and about to drink from it. If finally her husband don't disturb and she doesn't get between my legs - now THIS? Well - Israelis are great in doing some movement that fit the street which includes some of "what's that?". I made her some with faces. Oh, she apologized and said she didn't take anything. She put back my water and remind (end of class) to get out her water from her bag. It doesn't even looks the same - hers is a juice bottle filled with water while mine is a water bottle from the start. After I took my water she still said few times "I didn't take anything". I sat on floor with my water between the girl with hearing problems who took a video (on floor) and my friend who sat on a bench. In the dance itself - some parts Neta and the kido danced. Other parts - the kido danced with palmas of Neta. She did it good most of times, but few times I thought she do it with right steps without a grace. One moment we started to laugh cause in the second kneel she didn't go down well and said "mummy!". That's in the recording now. I didn't feel right it makes me laugh, so I took a hand to hide my mouth. Before recording has over and the class officially over - the fat woman went out. She doesn't have a problem to change near the guitar player... And every time he's there - we all gives him a bit of money (every time the same little price). In those classes - that's his payment. I'm not sure that she gave him her share, but that's mean that next time Neta will remind that someone... And she will have to double it. I went out to change at the end. When I got back to the studio for putting on my daily shoes and take all my stuff - most already gone. The guitar player was with his stuff on and said dramtaiclly "Orna, hello!". Ok... Hello!. And he and Neta left me alone with the kido who made it faster than me...

Next month in Granada

That's a bit of information about a show that will happen in Granada next month. In case you won't be around where I'll be....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

One more collection

This is a cover of one more collection CD. It looks like a CD that is too bad I don't have yet

Couple more covers

Two more CD's covers. One is a cover of a collection with songs of Camarón, the over one is the latest CD (and hopefully before some more) of Paco de Lucía

Flamenco y arte

A bit more of information I gave... A show of La India in Sevilla at friday

One more week

Next suterday - 3/3 will be a workshop of Miguel Angel in Haifa. It will take place at Hecht's House. Medium level class at 16:00-18:30hr. Begginers at 18:45-19:15hr. Price: 250 NIS for a class. For details:

Two videos of Farruquito First - Farruquito dance buleria when he was 5 years old. Second - Farruquito in an interview that was recently

Friday, February 24, 2012

Before tomorrow at Suzanne

A reminder for those who missed it - Miguel Angel got back to Israel for performing. Tomorrow with Pavo Real in Suzanne Dellal. At sunday in Giv'ataim - Pavo Real again. At sunday I heard it sold out. So - one more photo from this show in once it was already on stage in Israel. In the photo - Miguel Angel (who's the real star there), Kirill Sivolapov (who's also great and his part is mostly dancing tango) and Mijal Natan

En Sevilla...

In Sevilla (Castellar 52 ccC, Corralon de los Artesanos), this scond of march will be a flamenco show. Dance: La India. Sings: El Pola. Guitar: Juan Ramirez. Palmas: Álveraz González. If I only could go... I hope for a miracle.

New from Rafael

Couple of new photos of Rafael Amargo...

Few more of Joaquin Cortes

Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is pretty new here - those couple of photos. It's also a dancer that it's about time I'll give him some attention here. Joaquin Cortes. Accept that he's really good dancer - he got his fame also from the fact he was a boyfriend of Naomi Campbell for a while...


I don't know who took it, but it deffently a nice one of Farruquito


One photo of La India in her studio (while a class)

once again a Farru

One more oldie of Farru. I don't know who's the photographer

Getting weirder

I probably was the first to come last night from the bata class. Not all from the begginers came neither. One of them finally came with a flamenco skirt and shoes. Not too fancy, but she made her hair properly and some make up. That was enough for looking pretty fancy. Ok, maybe this class has a chance. And there was a new one again. I got into a shirt I get to dance in and to comfortable pants for the warming. Three more from my class came. The fat woman without a willing found a place not too far from me in a bench near the one I took. the nice one wasn't sure where to put her stuff. In the end - she found a place for it far, but came to talk with me. She said that the new one in the begginers looks to her like a stand-up comedian from TV. And some more things to talk. Neta asked her to be quiet. She didn't like it and said that she's always get to be the trouble. She went to her stuff. And to me. The "smart" one came and tried to look happy to see me. She really makes me worry this way. In the begginers were 4 - so did we. The nice one told Neta that the new one looks like the stand-up comedian from TV, Neta said that she doesn't only looks like. She is from TV. She leaves nearby and heard us all the time and wanted to try. I think that the fat woman wanted to strangle me yesterday. After I had a mini-war with her because of the watching of her husband through the window - there was a new thing. The woman from begginers who finally came with a skirt stayed to watch us something like half of class. She sat inside the studio on one of the benches. It didn't disturb me at all and I didn't say a word about it. The warming has started with basic stuff for those who wanted in this class (my friend and the red head). Neta asked for the air how come that those who wanted this kind of warming are not there. Just to the air cause no one could answer. And for the batas. Mine was in another fix last week and I didn't try it yet since till class. The pants got stuck in things it shouldn't while I tried to change. I was hurry to put on myself the bata cause I saw that the tree others are ready and almost they start without me. The warming with the bata was hard. The skirt sat on me very weird and I didn't get the reason. I already started to think that the fixing got too good. I was busy in trying to find out what's wrong not less than doing the warming. It took me quite a long time. The begginer said that it looks very hard thing to do (using the bata) and it doesn't temp her to try one day. In the end - I found out what was the problem. I hate to say it, but it was me. Because of the hurry - I didn't put it "in the middle" while zipper and fabric sat behind right. And the zipper got stuck in a weird way in my shirt. When I fixed it - it was fine. The problem was that even 4 woman in bata don't have enough space in the studio and all of us dance too close to each other. Well, the fat woman fake a dance. And she was traveling again. Once or twice almost "between my legs" and other times were those choice - if to stand near me, behind me or behind the nice one. It freaked me out and appeal my bad-anyway concentration. After the the little fight I had with her and won - she started with this. What do I have say NOW? Even in the end of first year we learned together (my 4th year) she stepped on my foot on stage while there was an audience. A year before I thought that I know how to run out in an elegant way from those who can't dance in the space they have. All my 4 year she proved me wrong. I can't run from her...

B/W Farru

One more getting old photo. This is a photo of Farru, taken by Ana Palma

An oldie video

I don't remember if I already uploaded here... Found it again in a profile of a facebook friend. That's a pretty oldie one (4-5 years ago). Los Farrucos. Some sings while Farru is one of the singers and the one who starts with the song. Quite in the middle - Farruquito who's always there silence start dancing. I'm crazy for this video

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On stage with Farru

Few more photos from last 2 years. The 2 in the start are pretty new. All photos - Farru dance in the tour with Paco de Lucia. In some even easy to see Paco in the back

One more and once again

Ok, One more photo of Farruquito before i will continue to other things (like uploading two more photos of Farru that I already uploaded to the fan page with few more photos)...

Few more impressions

So, in the video class I went on sunday: The dancer who made the farruca is Rafael Campallo. It was great to find him out, at least for now. When was Israel Galvan... It isn't the first time that I see him, not even in this part. Right away started quetions with no connection to flamenco and how did he really make it. The man asked again and again if it's really Israel and what a name is it. Not to long after the dance has started - the begginer asked if it's ok that a man wear a red shirt and red shoes. The assistant said that of course it is, but she had something of her own to say. At the video were two burning torches. the assistant said that he's miserable cause of the torches. Isn't it enough that he feel warm because of the dance?

On stage with Farruquito

Few more photos. Those are getting old (something like since 2 years ago). Still - I didn't show it up here and I think there are too good for missing it